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How To Choose ERP Software For Educational Institutions In Nigeria

How To Choose ERP Software For Educational Institutions In Nigeria

One should not be misled by a single appealing aspect. You should conduct extensive study into all areas of the software
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They all look the same and are more advanced than other apps, whether they are called School Management Software, School Administration Software, or a School ERP System. In today’s world, these platforms have become a vital part of every educational institution. COVID-19 has entirely turned the educational business into a digital system. ERP systems are in high demand in Nigeria and around the world.

There is a vast array of ERP suppliers offering the best ERP solutions, and ELVIS is one of the most reputable ERP providers in Nigeria. Institutions must be cautious when selecting a school management system because it is critical for long-term efficiency and future rewards. Before choosing such software, there are a few things to consider. One should not be misled by a single appealing aspect. You should conduct extensive study into all areas of the software. Here are a few things to think about when searching for school management software in Nigeria:

Constant upgrades and updates

As we all know that the technology is moving at a fast pace, so when choosing a School Management System ensure that they provide you with timely updates and latest available features.


When selecting ERP software for the institution, it’s important to opt for a trusted and tested one. The important factor to consider is checking on how long this software can be used by the institution and whether it can cater to all the requirements of the institution. For example, having software that can be utilized for 5 years is far good enough, but the software that has functioned efficiently for a good number of years is likely to have greater effectiveness.


This is one of the most important factors to consider when selecting a School Management System. It is required for the level of flexibility of the software you select. The software should be able to adapt to changes in accordance with the institution’s needs. It ought to be the best on the market. It’s pointless if it’s not adjustable.

Helpful features

One of the most important factors to consider when selecting an application is that the system’s features should be beneficial to the institution. If a solution has fewer features but is 100 percent usable, rather than having more features but not being useful, it is preferable to choose the solution with fewer features but better results.

Long-term support

You should ensure that the vendor you choose is well-known in the industry and has years of experience. If it’s an experienced executive, acquiring the necessary paperwork and records for subsequent management will be simple. The software should be able to give the institution long-term support.

Right learning impact

Any educational institution’s major goal is to pass on important knowledge to students so that they can learn valuable information. If software cannot have a good impact on students, then it is pointless to use it. ERP software should be able to add value to the student’s development.

Backup and security functions

It should be assured that the software chosen will not cause any issues with the storage and access of the institution’s sensitive files and records. Check to see if the app offers a backup option and reliable security features to ensure that your data is protected in the system. Always check to see if the program you’ve chosen offers reliable services and firewall protection. This will keep any unwelcome invasions out of the important records.

Ease of use

To get the most out of a School Management System, it must first be user-friendly, and then it must include the best-in-class features. It should also be simple to manage for the teaching faculty; otherwise, they would struggle to adapt to the abrupt shift from a traditional to a digitalized teaching method.

If you want to take advantage of all of these features in an educational ERP system, ELVIS is the way to go. Administrative activities and other complex operations will be easier and simpler to manage with ELVIS’ Educational ERP SOFTWARE. ELVIS has already established itself as a trusted brand among Nigerian customers. If you’re looking for a well-organized and feature-rich solution, ELVIS can provide it.


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