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Employee Management

With this module, the automobile industry can manage their employee's work efficiently and accurately. This module helps to store each employee's data, work time and personal details etc. Elvis also helps in managing employee leave and attendance details. Efficiently managing employees can boost the profit of the company.

Order Management

Elvis Automobile Industry Management Software ERP provides an effective platform to manage each order in an automobile industry. This will cover all challenging aspects in an order processing cycle like order listing, order payment, order commission, order transferring order pending etc.

Sales Management

The Sales module of Elvis Automobile ERP helps the sales team of an automobile business. With the sales management modules, facilitate sales activities, including lead tracking, customer relationship management (CRM), order processing, inventory management, and invoicing. This module also offers a sales performance analysis, perfect for tracking sales and making better sales decisions.

Inventory Management

Inventory management is the most challenging part faced by the automobile industry. Elvis Automobile ERP offers a powerful solution for managing inventory in the Automobile industry. This module covers major inventory management challenges like registration, store monitoring, stock validation, inventory approval or request etc.

Service Management

The service management module provides features and tools to streamline and automate various aspects of the service operations such as service orders, vehicle maintenance and repair, spare parts inventory management, customer management, delivery management and user management.

Service management within Elvis ERP involves the integration of various modules and functionalities to efficiently manage service operations. These operations include service scheduling, work order management, spare parts inventory management, customer relationship management (CRM), and financial management.

Elvis has the capability and flexibility to customise as per the requirement of each automobile business, with the ability to add more modules.

Elvis also offers 24/7 technical support for absolute customer satisfaction.

Automobile Industry Management ERP Software

Do you find it challenging to manage the various aspects of the automobile industry? Are you in need of ERP software? Look no further. Here's introducing Elvis Automobile Industry Management ERP. With Elvis, efficiently manage different areas of the automobile industry, from procurement and inventory control to delivery and customer relationship management.

The advanced security features available with Elvis guarantee that your confidential data remains safe. Elvis is a cloud-based software that increases user flexibility. With our Automobile Industry Management ERP Software, boost your productivity and enhance efficiency. Everything you need is available in a single software, keeping your automobile on par with the global automotive market.

Implement Elvis Automobile Management ERP and overcome significant difficulties such as employee management, marketing, inventory control, order management, and sales. Elvis has found its way into several automobile deals and spare parts manufacturing companies in India, Malaysia, UAE, and Srilanka, making Elvis an industry favourite.

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