Estrrado Partner Program

Pioneering Innovation, Elevating Businesses, and Redefining Excellence!

Estrrado Partner Program

Partner Program for software vendors and consultants who are interested in driving innovation, widening portfolio and bringing revolutionary software to more businesses and organizations.

An Introduction to Estrrado

Estrrado offers customizable and innovative ERP and CRM, known as Elvis ERP and Elvis CRM, solutions for various industries such as education, retail, and automobile. We also provide mobile app development, eCommerce and other IT services. Our clients can be found all over the world, including Malaysia, U.A.E, and India.

Estrrado is MDEC-registered and our SAAS products Elvis Education ERP and Elvis CRM are Microsoft-certified, highlighting our commitment towards innovation and excellence

Why Choose Estrrado?

We believe in shared success. With Estrrado, grow your business to broader markets, obtain a wider product range, and join hands to deliver world-class solutions and services to international networks.

Our clientele include Vinner, OffersMonkey, OSK Group (HFM), MAHSA University, MMU, Peninsular Offshore, London School of Business and Finance, TransACNR, Autobahn, Reliance Insurance, and so much more.

Discover the benefits of partnering with Estrrado

By becoming our partner, experience the follow benefits:

- Access to our comprehensive suite of ERP software solutions
- Collaborative projects
- Unlock new markets
- Personalized support and training
- Co-marketing and sales opportunities
- Drive customer engagement
- Revenue sharing

Available Partnership Programs ​

To ensure maximum profitability and growth, Estrrado offers various partnership programs:

- Referral partners
- Associate partners
- Key partners
- Executive regional partners

We are also open to tailoring a custom partnership program that meets your company's aspirations and goals.

Currently, we have several partners who deliver our products under their brands while we handle the backend.

Ready to explore a mutually beneficial partnership?

Partners are core to Estrrado’s go-to-market strategy and a vital extension of our organization.
By becoming a partner, join us in our mission to provide quality and exceptional software solutions to businesses and provide unparalleled value to our clients.
Through our flexible partnership models, earn alongside us and expand your clientele and business. We believe It's a win-win scenario that propels lasting collaboration and mutual growth.

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