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Food and Beverages

Food and Beverages

Elvis Retail ERP offers solutions for managing inventory, streamlining operations, ensuring compliance, and enhancing customer service.
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Elvis Retail ERP provides solutions for managing inventory, order processing, logistics, supply chain visibility, and financial management, enabling efficient operations, accurate tracking, and improved customer service.
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Automobile Dealers

Automobile Dealers

Elvis Retail ERP offers solutions for inventory management, sales and service management, enabling efficient operations and improved customer satisfaction.
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Consumer Goods

Consumer Goods

Elvis Retail ERP provides solutions for inventory management, order processing, and sales analysis, enabling efficient operations and improved productivity.
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Elvis Retail ERP offers solutions for order management, employee management, reporting and analytics, boosting productivity and enhancing efficient processes.
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Elvis Retail ERP offers solutions for inventory management, order processing, financial management and accounts management, enabling enhanced customer care and efficient operations.
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Why Choose Elvis Retail ERP?

Increase in Profit

Increase sales and optimise expense with the help of strategic reports.

Save Time

With automated billing, inventory and reports, manage your enterprise with maximum efficiency.

Better Organization

Get organized with the auto update feature in terms of inventory and accounts.

Greater Accuracy

Say goodbye to human errors with an automated system that streamlines and produces all data.

No Time or Place Constraints

Use the mobile app to get any data you need anytime and at any place.

More Reach

A well-structured software is all you need to achieve customer and brand satisfaction resulting in a wider client base.

We Provide
Integrated Retail ERP Software

Elvis Retail ERP

Elvis Retail ERP Solution is named the best solution for all types of retail businesses. It is the only solution you need if you are looking for a single source to manage your business efficiently and accurately. This retail ERP is the fastest growing segment, with satisfied clients from Malaysia, India, Srilanka and UAE that consider Elvis the best in the industry.

The Elvis Retail ERP helps to handle an organization in a cross-functional way. With the inclusion of components such as order management, dashboard, notifications, sales management, master data and
user management, there is a certainty that every retail business area within the organization is in sync,
there is an increase in customer satisfaction and an improvement in overall productivity.

The Elvis Retail ERP also helps a retailer to strengthen capabilities, move information and perform tasks seamlessly. It navigates between various channels involved automatically, thereby improving organizational efficiency. The delivery app and sales app are two features that are coming soon to offer you exceptional quality and excellence.

"Automate your operations and intelligently organize your business
to further your operations with Elvis Retail ERP, the No.1 Retail Operating System."

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What We Offer

Stock Control


Sales & Retail Features

User Permissions



Cloud Based Platform

Multi-Store Management

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