Interactive Software for Education

Elvis Interactive software for education a course-based Interactive Software module that is perfect for all learning levels, and skills!
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Interactive Software For Education

With the ever-increasing popularity and accessibility of the Internet, it is only natural that the educational community should want to make use of this tremendous resource. Use of Elvis Interactive software for education leads to significant changes in educational models.

Interactive software for education helps in attention to understanding the technology, the educational processes and issues, student’s characteristics, etc.

Interactive software for education helps in changing traditional classroom to E-Learning. While advancements in communication tools were easily adapted to learning methods, it was the introduction of the personal computer and the development of the Internet that would create the most radical transformation in higher education.Need for a software like this have been recognized by institutions and campuses in countries such as Malaysia,UAE,India & Srilanka and have started implementing it.

Learning by this software can be as easy as communicating with your professor and fellow classmates via email, student utilizing an interactive CD-ROM.Thus, E-Learning can be defined an approach to facilitate and enhance learning by means of personal computers, CD-ROMs, and the Internet.

Elvis Virtual Classroom Software Is The One Of The Most Important Module In Elvis Interactive Software.

Instructor will provide him with a syllabus, course documents, and required readings. The interaction between the professor and the student will happen via e-mail, discussion board, forums etc. Since the class doesn’t meet in a physical space at a scheduled time, the student will have to learn independently.

He will be responsible for keeping up with the assigned reading and completing assignments according to the timeline on the syllabus.

Elvis Interactive software for education offer a more collaborative & interactive experience to users to keep everyone engaged like never before. This will help you to create Virtual Classrooms, Employee Meetings, Alumni Meetings and Discussions.Elvis is gaining attention in asia as favorite ERP software mainly in Malaysia,Srilanka & UAE.

Teacher can assign projects to students through Elvis School Calendar Software module in Interactive software. This will also helps students to check there project schedules and assignments.

Features Of Elvis Interact

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