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What Are the Benefits of Using a Cloud Based POS System for Your Restaurant?

What Are the Benefits of Using a Cloud Based POS System for Your Restaurant?

The restaurant sector is highly profitable in the world. The restaurant industry is now attracting a growing number of people. Some people even turn it into a cooking hobby.
Cloud Based POS System

Benefits of Using a Cloud Based POS System

It is critical to give a pleasant environment and a positive experience for customers. Quality of service, cleanliness, hygiene, food quality, lighting, decors, and music performed are all important things to consider. Above all, you need to have a RESTAURANT POS SYSTEM, which is a sales and operational tool. If you don’t have a restaurant POS system, you’ll miss out on upsell opportunities. When it comes to choosing a Cloud Based POS System, restaurant owners frequently make mistakes. They end up purchasing a retail POS system rather than one designed specifically for the restaurant business.

Running a restaurant business, as well as choosing a clould based POS system, is challenging. When selecting a POS system, there are various factors to consider. Customer orders must be tracked, workers must be notified, and customer involvement must be maintained, and so on. Restaurant owners must maintain financial transactions correctly and give excellent customer service, while managers must keep the establishment functioning smoothly.

POS software is a system that keeps track of restaurant transactions and inventories. Modern POS systems assist you in managing deliveries, receipts, customers, and employees, among other things. It signifies that all solutions are available in one place. RESTAURANT MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS are platforms that are specially developed and coded to meet the needs of restaurants in order to maximize earnings and efficiency. Many successful restaurants use point-of-sale systems to keep things running smoothly. Retail POS software is a great tool for restaurants, however when it comes to POS system features, your restaurant requires more basic functions than retail POS software.

It is critical to comprehend the software’s operating procedure before making a purchasing decision for a clould based POS system. Here’s a quick overview of how the system works:

  • You must select the appropriate solution to fit your needs.
  • After that, you’ll need to set up a payment gateway to enable transactions easier.
  • All customer-related information has been imported.
  • Orders can be appropriately controlled.
  • The inventory management tool can be used to check inventory.
  • It is possible to keep track of employee behavior.
  • Role authorization is possible.
  • Once all of the orders have been confirmed, they can be taken out of the kitchen for delivery.
  • Billing operations can be handled when the serving procedure is completed.
  • After the billing and accounts activities are completed, the payment procedure can begin.
  • The software allows you to view the daily reports.

Let us now review the advantages of using a Cloud Based POS System in a restaurant.

  • Inventory management

In a restaurant, inventory management is critical. A point-of-sale system aids in accurate inventory tracking. It assists in inventory management in real time as well as assessing the quantity of inventory in your storage. This program is beneficial for enhancing productivity and reducing item waste and shrinkage, as well as ensuring that your restaurant has adequate supplies on hand to meet unexpected situations. You may manage your inventory from anywhere in the world with this platform.

  • Employee management and training

It will take time to train employees management on the new platform because you will have to explain all of the processes and demonstrate how the jobs are completed. Everything, including the cooking process, recipes, and tasks, can be integrated into a unified system. Employees can be trained in this manner. Using a point-of-sale system can help you keep track of your employees’ productivity.

  • Reduced waiting time

Customers are served food from different sections of the restaurants. Different counters will be put up for various cuisines. Customers will have an easier time placing orders as a result of this. This strategy will assist in keeping the working process synchronized. With restaurant cloud based POS systems, you can effortlessly combine many servers into a single line. It will also help with order processing speed, table management, operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and the acquisition of new customers.

  • Simple invoicing

All of your invoices can be recorded and grouped using POS software. There will be numerous types of invoices to manage in a restaurant. Depending on the software you’re using, you’ll have invoices for purchases, sales, rentals, consignments, and so on. For the accounting operations of the business, it is critical to have a simple invoice management system. The invoice serves as evidence of the sale or purchase of your product.

It will also include vital information for the buyer, such as the transaction amount, the quantity of goods sold, the product description, and so on. It would have been a difficult task for the restaurant to complete all of these processes manually. As a result, the POS allows for more efficient management of invoice-related processes.

  • Improving the kitchen efficiency

In a restaurant, it involves a long journey from order placement to customer service. These daily responsibilities are challenging for managers to manage. This difficulty can be remedied with the help of a point-of-sale system, which would decrease the entire order path automatically. The waiter can communicate customer orders directly to the kitchen without wasting time when using a cloud-based POS system. The faster we can cut the time, the better service we can deliver to our customers.

  • Quick payments

In a restaurant, POS systems aid in the faster management of payments. The customer’s meal will be collected by the staff, and the order will be calculated by the system. The invoice can be sent through email or delivered to the customer with a receipt printer on the spot. Depending on the integrations and terminals, customers can pay with cash or a credit card. Customers will be able to finish transactions more quickly as a result of this. Customers’ waiting times can be decreased, and personnel can be more efficient in completing the management process, thanks to point-of-sale systems.

  • Reports

The major functionality of the POS system you chose should be present. I.e. the capacity to assess a restaurant’s performance. This feature of the software will show you which things are among the best-selling and which are not. A report prepared on this subject will assist you in identifying areas where improvement is required, allowing you to make precise decisions to increase profit margins. Raw data is used to create reports, which are then transformed into actionable decisions for the restaurant to make business growth decisions.

If there are any mistakes, the POS software will supply you with information that will allow you to devise ways to correct them. If you have a non-profitable item, the system’s provided reports can assist you in seeking solutions. You can generate reports from anywhere by using a mobile-based POS system.

  • Automated menu display

Without a suitable menu, a restaurant will fail. 75% of customers will look over the menu before placing an order. Previously, after visiting the restaurant, the consumer had to wait for the menu. Now that the situation has changed, this time-consuming process can be removed with the use of a clould based POS system. Restaurants can design a visual menu that allows consumers to place orders quickly.

  • Better security

The security of an organization’s data is always a top priority. Their data must be accessible to all of the company’s stakeholders. Using a point-of-sale system can protect your information against illegal access. Multi-user authentication is available in the majority of systems. Malicious users will be less likely to gain access to the system as a result of this. A robust system allows the system administrator to approve or deny access to users. If you’re searching for a long-term solution that can preserve your data and be utilized for future reference, a cloud-based point of sale system is the way to go. ELVIS has cloud computing software that allows you to back up your data in a systematic and automated manner.

  • Online order tracking

You can serve customers from anywhere if you use a RESTAURANT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. As more people opt to order meals online, you may interface yourclould based  POS system with numerous platforms to track and handle orders 24*7. This can aid in the collection of customer data and the update of the CRM database. You can use the software to answer your customers’ concerns and feedback. It will lead to increased customer satisfaction and a positive brand image in the marketplace.

  • Enhanced scalability

Every business’s primary goal is to increase earnings while also working to expand the company. Using the right clould based POS system can assist restaurants in improving integrations and updating service offerings in order to expand their business. Because the technology has automated everything, management can focus on the brand and take the required actions to boost awareness.

  • Improved customer relationship management

Maintaining a positive relationship with consumers is critical for restaurant operators. It is critical to deliver quality food and service to your consumers in order for them to purchase food from your restaurant. A positive customer-business relationship can aid in the expansion of a business. The growth of a company will be hampered if there is a poor relationship between customer and the business.

The use of point-of-sale software will assist the company in keeping a positive customer relationship. Customers will have less waiting time thanks to the clould based POS system, which will also aid in the timely delivery of dishes. Customers expect everything to be orderly, and the restaurant management system will aid in the right organization of the restaurant’s working process. Customers will compliment you on your well-organized and high-quality service, which will encourage you to expand into other areas.

  • Purchase and supplier management

The purchase process is one of the restaurant’s most critical functions. During the course of their employment, restaurants must purchase a large amount of equipment. Purchases and suppliers can be better managed with the help of cloud based POS systems. Managers can keep track of order-related activities in real time. When you place an order using the program, you’ll be able to see and retrieve all of the invoices associated with that order in your system. This aids in the control of purchases and allows for real-time tracking of things ordered from suppliers. When you make a purchase from a supplier, you’ll get an invoice with information like the things you bought, the quantity, the description, and the price.

With the use of cloud based POS systems, restaurants may plan for future purchases as well as the minimal number of products required. To reduce losses, management has control over the purchase and can keep an ideal level of goods in the business.

  • Discounts and loyalty programs

Maintaining customer loyalty in the restaurant industry is a tough challenge. One of the most important advantages of POS is that it can serve as the foundation for a customer loyalty program. Discount schemes and loyalty points have been shown to be effective in keeping customers, increasing sales, and expanding into new markets. A POS tool can successfully plan all of these strategies. Customers’ data can be stored on the platform, and discounts and loyalty points can be added to bills and redeemed. It also aids in the effective management of the restaurant’s many locations.

The use of point-of-sale software can help a business create customized gift cards and develop rewards programs. This technique not only contributes to the restaurant’s goodwill, but it also provides valuable behavioral data that supports in boosting overall customer happiness.

  • Promotion management

Every business has gone through a promotional plan, and managing many specials and determining which are active and which are not can be challenging. Using a point-of-sale system to conduct your business’s promotions is more efficient. You can choose the types of discounts and durations for the things you want to promote in the app. After you’ve finished putting up your promotional plans, the next step is to put them into action.

With the help of this system, managers may save time when it comes to promotion management. You can easily explore to find promotions that are right for you, and it also helps you keep track of the current promotions.

  • Increased efficiency

When comparing a store without a POS application to a restaurant with an efficient cloud based POS system, the restaurant with POS software will be more efficient. A restaurant with a point-of-sale system can aid with activity management and productivity. Inventory management, promotion management, order management, customer management, and other features of POS platforms can assist restaurants in increasing their business efficiency. These characteristics will aid in the appropriate organization of the business as well as the making of accurate judgements.

  • Simplifications of operations

Managing the operations of a restaurant is a complicated procedure. To manage and regulate the business’s operational activities, managers must complete a variety of arduous jobs. With the help of a point-of-sale system, operations can be made easier. The solution will assist the organization in lowering the number of procedures conducted in the store by making it simple. If your inventory management system is automated, all you have to do is scan the items to enter them into the system. This will help you keep track of your inventory.

This is also applicable for reporting, as the platform generates real-time reports on sales, purchases, and customers, among other things. It will reduce the number of human errors and save time while creating reports. By streamlining procedures, the company will have more time to complete tasks, resulting in increased production and efficiency.

  • 24/7 access to data and regular updates

The majority of POS systems are cloud-based, while some are installed on-site with a local server. Multiple risks exist with the POS installation on the premises, including data breach, the risk of errors, inventory tracking difficulties, and so on. ELVIS provides a cloud based POS system that allows you to securely access data by logging into the administrator account. Even from outside the corporate environment, businesses may monitor events in real time. Furthermore, the data is safeguarded from natural calamities such as floods and fires.

Like any other software, the POS system must be updated on a regular basis. The majority of software providers offer consumers assistance in the form of timely updates. Bug fixes, new features, revisions, and new versions, among other things, may be included in these updates. The vendors make certain that your POS software is up to date. It is easier to update a cloud based POS system than it is to update a server and POS on-site. This will be determined by the vendors and the services they supply. The software is sometimes managed by the suppliers to ensure that the users have a positive experience with the POS software.


When it comes to POS systems, you may have noticed that there are more positives than drawbacks. Restaurant owners believe that implementing a POS system in their establishment is prohibitively expensive. You can improve the customer experience, improve customer service, increase the number of customers, and increase daily produced sales and revenue with the vast range of benefits offered by Cloud Based POS System.

If you’re unsure about which software is best for your company, ELVIS can assist you. We have strong experience providing organizations in Malaysia, Singapore, and India with reliable solutions. We will provide you with POS applications that are tailored to your specific needs. Click the link below to learn more.


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