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7 Reasons why ERP systems are crucial to Automotive Industry success

7 Reasons why ERP systems are crucial to Automotive Industry success

Different businesses may have different reasons to invest in an ERP, but in the case of companies in the automotive industry, the primary goal behind ERP Solutions for automotive is to improve its operational efficiency. 
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Nearly every business, regardless of the industry, is always looking for ways to make their business more efficient and productive in order to increase profits and reduce costs. Running a business in the automotive industry is too arduous as it is very much different from other businesses.

The automotive industry is very dynamic in managing all its processes right from sourcing to delivery correctly while meeting the requirements on time. Managing and controlling the whole production cycle without any encumbrance.

Automotive sector performs all the production programs to sustain the augmented profits. To create vehicles, lower them, completion on time with all the variants that is needed in the competitive industry. The need for an effective ERP system arises here, which will help the industry in integration of various activities. An ERP software helps to fulfil all the necessities of a highly competitive automotive industry through a complete analysis of the latest market trends, timely reports on business growth and through a controlled integration of all the business functions.

ERP systems in the automobile industry can meet every business challenges relating to customer service, stock management, delivery support, marketing management, timely shipping, human management etc. Implementing an automotive ERP systems will help in achieving the goals and in gaining productivity of the business. In order to win among the stiff competition, the company has to become more flexible to the changes revolving around it.

Different businesses may have different reasons to invest in an ERP, but in the case of companies in the automotive industry, the primary goal behind ERP Solutions for automotive is to improve its operational efficiency.

Many companies in the automotive industry have already made advantage of the ERP solutions for many reasons. Some of the top benefits to get from Automotive ERP software include:

1. Cost Reduction

One of the main reason behind using ERPs for automotive industry is that it helps in reducing costs by integrating all the related business operations into a single interface. This will allow the company to manage every activity at one place. ERP application plays a crucial role in quality management making sure that company has efficient and effective quality management systems. Getting a right ERP will continuously control the quality, provide quality assurance, note the errors occurring, and aids in maintaining high quality production standards, simultaneously keeping a track on the safety standards as the customer prefers. This will also reduce the time in and costs in employee training, resource acquisition, and overall business management.

2. Corroborates communication

An abstract ERP solution enable a quicker and smoother flow of data and information within the organization. Through the automated system the data can be shared on a real-time basis. This system also ensures data security and privacy. Team work and communication between departments are improved through ERP programs. The collected records and data can be accessed easily from a single system which will help the managers in timely decision making.

3. Production and Inventory

ERP supports production and inventory processes of the organization. It helps in activities like preparation of inventory status reports, purchase reports, sales reports, stocks valuation, suppliers and vendors’ verification, stock status maintenance etc. ERP software helps in anticipating demand for the products and materials in advance. Manufacturers are enabled with a live track on the stocks. The delivery of right products to right person on right time is made hassle free with the help of an effective ERP software. Therefore, ERP for automotive industry is well enough for them to expand their business in the market.

4. Process Streamlining

Manufacturing processes in the automotive are complex ones. The process is a series including production, procurement, assembly, product testing, process testing, supply chain etc. All these processes require intense supervision and care. ERP integrates the external and internal processes and by automation synchronize operations at all stages, whereby it can bring efficiency into the system. Manual intervention is minimized and enhances the capability to plan and execute processes in the organization.

5. Analytics

Accurate reports have to be prepared in the organization in order to make precise decision. By implementing an ERP system in the organization, the process of report making as per the market and the current requirement will become totally easy. Different reports for expenses, income, inventory status, production schedule, purchase and inventory reports etc. can be prepared within a prescribed form through automation on time and can respond to a crisis quickly. There is no need of an IT staff for preparing the reports as ERP will be taking care of everything.

6. Easy Compliance

Organizations in the automotive industry must comply with various rules and regulations to continue their operations. To completely comply with the regulations ERP helps in live tracking of reports that improve the company’s performance without harming the privacy policies. ERP applications help in managing the privacy and even handles every confidential data with utmost care. This will ultimately help the management in acquiring the right information that is to be submitted to the concerned bodies and authorities as per the regulations.

7. Customer support

CRM is a crucial role for every business industry. Without understanding the customers there won’t be any business. The ERP systems can get along with the companies CRM systems. Communication with the prospective customers throughout the business operations is necessary for reaching out to new business areas, evaluation of customer satisfaction, increasing sales prospectus, retention of existing customers, on time service delivery etc. An effective ERP system will enhance the CRM prospectus of the organization through which the company can gain a bigger audience and new leads.

Implementing an Automotive ERP solution in your business will streamline the operations, through integration, which will assist you in reaching the operational efficiency, increase in productivity, waste reduction, optimum utilization of resources, proper customer service etc. An ERP solution will enhance the ability of the industry to address the standards like material management, logistics evaluation, operational guidance, customer evaluation along with the technological advancements.

Elvis Automotive ERP ensures that every process in the industry is done systematically by eliminating errors and it also ensures that there is a minimum manual intervention in the operational activities of the industry. With automated solutions you can make proper plans and decisions needed for the company’s growth. Accessibility of real-time will ensure profitability in your business through which u can gain a competitive edge in the automotive industry. To know more about Elvis ERP solutions connect at You can also get a free demo of our ERP solutions.


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