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Transform Your Order Management with Elvis Retail ERP

With the use of an automated system, manage orders more efficiently and accurately. One can view the details of the order through integrations with websites, apps and hardwares. Automated data results in updated information everytime reducing the need for manual updates. Manage and control all orders, deliveries, products, status of orders and products, through user friendly Dashboard. Customers can also track their orders and cancel anytime. The order sales can be done through the integrated e-commerce module as well. Once an order is placed, the status of the order will be updated namely accepted, in-process, out for delivery, or delivered.

Features of Order Management

From initial order creation to final delivery, the order management module consolidates and automates critical processes, including order entry, inventory management, fulfillment, invoicing, and customer communication. By centralizing order data and integrating it with other modules, such as inventory, sales, and finance, businesses can gain real-time visibility into order status, inventory levels, and financial implications. With the order management module, businesses can effectively manage their sales processes, optimize resource allocation, minimize errors, and drive profitability through streamlined operations and effective customer order fulfillment.

Benefits of Order Management Module

- The main advantage of order management is the ability to streamline and optimise the entire order lifecycle, resulting in improved operational efficiency and overall business performance.

- Automates and streamlines order entry, tracking, and fulfillment processes. It eliminates manual data entry, reduces errors, and ensures timely processing of orders. This efficiency leads to faster order fulfilment, improved on-time delivery, and enhanced customer experience.

- Manage and all control all orders, deliveries and products. Customers can track and cancel their orders anytime.

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