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User Management made easy through mobile app, virtual learning and much more
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User Management unlike any other

User satisfaction is an important aspect of any institution. Through facilities such as the student mobile app and virtual learning platform, Elvis Education ERP assures performance and complete user satisfaction. With different services available in the virtual learning platform, transform your institution digitally to create an innovative space for students to learn and grow.

Create the perfect platform for well-rounded education experience

All the services, from recorded and live classes, automated student enrollment (with multiple verification processes and student dashboard), material sharing, counselor appointments to Learning Management Portal where students can attend online exams, get feedbacks and join in on discussions, create the perfect system for a beneficial and excellent student experience.

Facilities to assure only the best user engagement

Library access, transportation, parent-teacher meetings, event management, health management, scholarship and placements all lead to an enriching user experience and satisfaction.

User management is not limited to students but also applies to the employees as well. From communication platforms within and outside different departments, schedule details and efficient facility arrangements, Elvis Education ERP is the only software you need.

The best user management system

User Management Module is an authentication feature that provides administrators with the ability to identify and control the state of users logged in to the network. This includes, but is not limited to, the ability to query and fliter users that are currently logged in to the network, manually log off users and control user login counts and the login times.

Elvis Education ERP is the perfect solution for educational institutions of all sizes. Elvis Education ERP has been implemented and has positively impacted educational institutions in Malaysia, India, Canada, Australia and Saudi Arabia.

Features of User Management Module

Get the best user experience for students and staff alike with the User Management Module available in Elvis Education ERP. This module contains various features such as:

- Mobile App
- Virtual Learning Platform
- Scholarships and Placements
- Past and Present Schedules
- Login and logoff details such as counts and time

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