School fee management software

Make your fee collection process easy with Elvis School fee management software module.You can create customized fee collection structure, categorize payments and get collection reports.
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School Fee Management Software

School fee management software in Elvis ERP (Elvis fee) is a transparent way of keeping accounts of a student. Elvis fee includes all the details regarding a student.

This can be viewed by student as how much he had paid, whether he have any due, how much balance available in his account etc. All the fee transactions will be available in this.

School fee management software in Elvis ERP will help both the institution and the students. With its transparency as there will not be any chance for missing transactions and hence for disputes.

Online Fee Payment

Another most exciting and helpful feature of Elvis School fee management software is online fee payment. Students or parents can pay there fee online through this school fee management software.

This online fee payment will be a real help for parents. As they can directly pay fee without travelling to college in there busy schedule.Parents & managements from number of institutions from Malaysia, UAE, Srilanka & India are enjoying the benefits of Elvis as it has been implemented in number campuses.

Fee collection is a most important responsibility of school accounting team. With the help of Elvis online fee payment module fee collection can be managed smoothly.

School Accounting Software

Elvis fees is a school accounting software module which makes your work smooth. While saving about 90% of manual work of a school accounting department resulting into a hassle free and paper less Management.

First of all at the time of admission of a student an accounting team can add all fee details of student in this school accounting module. This will be helpful to accounting team and student to retrieve fees data at any time in future as per requirement.

This school accounting software can also be conveniently used in colleges fee management.

Finally school fee management software of Elvis ERP helps all educational institutions in collecting there fees.

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