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Automate your marketing processes to improve lead generation, increase efficiency and enhance communication
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Make lives stress-free with the Marketing Automation module

Whether you are a small institution or a larger institution, the Marketing Automation module helps you stay on top and manage all your marketing processes with a single tool. Marketing Automation allows you to nurture prospective students throughout their decision-making journey.

Empower Minds, Nurture the Future

The lead nurturing process is made easy with the Marketing Automation module. The lead nurturing process of a candidate takes into account online application, social media forms, promotional landing pages, different agents, the excel upload and the direct login information. The dashboard allows the candidate to edit the application, ask queries, upload documents and make fee payments. The application submitted will go through a marketing verification, and admission verification to receive the pre-activation status and finally the activation status.

Personalise and Revolutionise

Email campaigns, personalized messaging, and targeted content can keep prospective students engaged and informed about program offerings, campus events, financial aid options, and other relevant information, which are accessible under Elvis Education ERP. Real-time data, customizable tools, and user–friendly interface are all great additions that reduce the workload and assure time management. Automated workflows can be set up to send timely reminders, updates, and instructions to applicants, guiding them through the necessary steps. This ensures a smooth and efficient process while reducing administrative burdens. It also enables institutions to segment their student database based on different criteria, allowing for personalized communication in the form of emails, messages, reminders, and notifications, enhancing engagement, and improving conversion rates. Marketing automation in the education industry increases communication and efficiency as well as enables personalized engagement at every stage of the student lifecycle.

Automate to Feel the Difference

Every step of the way from lead management, document submission and verification, social media integrations to follow-ups, interview scheduling, student activation, student dashboard, offer letter and visa management is possible with Elvis ERP. Success stories from universities in Malaysia, India, Canada, Australia and Saudi Arabia.

Utilise the Marketing Automation module available with Elvis Education ERP that contributes to the success and efficient working of educational institutions around the world, namely Malaysia, India, Canada, Australia and Saudi Arabia. Start your digital transformation today.

Benefits of Marketing Automation Module

- Easy Enrollment Process
-Efficient Lead Nurturing Process
-Dashboard that allows students to ask queries, edit application, upload documents and make fee payments
-Multi-faceted document verification
-Enhanced communication with emails, messages and notifications as well as Chatbots and Whatsapp Messaging.
-Enquiry Management and Follow-ups made simple and productive with Elvis Education ERP

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