Library management software

A Complete software solution which fulfills all Library Needs like issuance of books, labeling etc.
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Elvis Library management software is a smart way to manage a library more efficiently. It makes access to library easy for staff and students. Faculty can manage and check the details of books in store, dues pending etc.

Faculty and students can check the availability of books. And they can reserve books which are available but issued in library so that they won’t miss books when returned.

Library management software module in elvis makes the work for a librarian more easier and more accurate. The books were entered into library module with the help of barcode.

Thus no book can be given to any one without entering in the library database. Thus improves the security of books in library. The availability checking, advanced reservation of books, library dues etc makes Elvis library much more helpful and handy.

Library management software is a module under Elvis campus and school management system. It is used to manage catalog of a library in a school or collage effectively.This library Management sofware come in as a part of our Elvis campus management software and have been in demand in campuses of Malaysia,UAE,Srilanka and India.

Online Library Management System ERP

Online library management system ERP helps librarian to make his work smooth.

Librarian can get all details of students and staffs who accessed to library and a record of available books.

Elvis Library management software helps a librarian to manage late pay fee, book due, search member online. With this helps librarian to view member and book details from anywhere at any time.

Elvis Online library management system thus helps to reduce paper works and be very accurate about books list, their availability, due regulations etc.

Elvis access control system makes Library management software more effective. This can manage access of a student or staff to library.

Advantages Of Elvis Library Management Software

  • It makes functioning of library more faster and accurate
  • Minimize the losing of books
  • Check in and check out more easy
  • Late return fine management
  • Easy to search book
  • Easy to enter new book
  • Finding position of a book becomes more faster
  • Easy to arrange book by author, subject et

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