Hostel Management Software

Monitors and records a variety of information to manage a hostel, covering Room allocation, Attendance, Disciplinary Logs, Room charge etc.
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Hostel Management Software

Managing a hostel is a tedious task for an institution. Elvis hostel management software is a dynamic as well as practical approach as it helps the management to completely administer the boarding functionalities of a hostel.

It allows easy management and controlling the various aspects of a hostel. Such as hostel applications, registrations and admissions, allotment of rooms, blocks, fees, mess, complaints, request, correspondence and discipline.

Elvis hostel management software in fact has become a boon for college as well as university’s authorities specially in Malaysia, UAE & Srilanka. As it has simplified their task by relieving them from the cumbersome and time consuming procedures involved.

The hostel module has been endowed with the features such as creating blocks and floors with details. Automatically generating list of room numbers for the needed floor.

Hostel management software also manages the fees, facilities charges, fines, tracking mess related information. It generates a token ID to student, setting menu for mess, keeping record of staff and student attendance and maintaining complaint register.

It has proved to be immensely benefiting while allocating rooms also. The applications are received and maintained by the system. The module also analyzes and appraises the applications on the basis of availability or any other criteria and marks them as qualified or disqualified.

Hostel management module also offers variety of reports such allocation list, fine report, joining report etc. to keep an eye on the entire functioning of hostel.Campusus in Malayasia,UAE& Srilanka has already started realizing the need for a system like Elvis and has started implementing Elvis Hostel Management sofware which can be integrated into Elvis campus management system.

Mess Management ERP System

Elvis mess management system is designed for easy management of a mess in an institution. This will give a good interaction between mess staff and management.

With the mess management system a school or institution management can monitor monthly expense of mess, kitchen stocks etc. It will also manage staff and student access into mess with the help of Elvis access control system.These are reasons campuses of Malaysia,UAE,India & Srilanka prefer Elvis over any other management solutions.

This will helps management to handle mess bill generation, payment collections very easily.

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