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Facilitate a well-organised and accurate assessment process with the Exam Management Module
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Unleash Efficiency and Obtain Excellence

Manual exam management comes with a lot of challenges in areas such as registration, exam timetables, and grading, among others. With the Exam Management module, conduct stress-free exams on the part of both the institution and the student.

Examinations made easy, unlike the exam questions

It handles a variety of tasks such as the scheduling of exams, ensuring that the exams are allocated to appropriate venues and timeslots efficiently. This eliminates manual scheduling errors and reduces administrative workload. Students can register and enroll for exams online, eliminating the need for paper-based processes. It provides a centralized platform for students to select their preferred exam dates, make payments, and receive confirmation. The examination module can be set by faculty members and staffs for the entire course curriculum. They can upload the questions in the data base and questionnaire is formed.

Stay up-to-date academically and digitally

The Exam Management module also contains an up-to-date question bank, making it easy for teachers and students alike to refer to. Elvis exam allows you to analyze the exams conducted in previous years or previous semesters. Customizable Reports to help you retrieve and analyze the desired statistical data. Another important feature is the facilitation of an online mode of exam, allowing students to take exams remotely using secure and proctored platforms. This enables flexibility in exam administration, reduces the need for physical infrastructure, and saves time and resources. Institutions can also randomize the sequence of questions for each examinee leading to distinct questions for each individual.

Get instant exam results and get instant success results

Grading and reporting is made easier with Elvis Education ERP as it automatically calculates results, processes exam results and generates detailed reports on exam performance in an instant, saving time and reducing human errors. Elvis helps to expand the scope of conducting exams. Multiple exams can be conducted for multiple subjects in multiple languages. Elvis Education ERP streamlines the examination process, improves efficiency, enhances security, and provides valuable insights for educators and institutions. They contribute to a more organized and effective assessment process, benefiting students and educational institutions.

Advantages of Exam Management

Exam Management module offers several advantages such as:
- Easy Registration
- Online Examinations
- Updated Question Bank
- Automatic Assessment
- Instant Results
- Scholarship and Placement Management

Elvis Education ERP is the ideal solution when it comes to education management. Elvis ERP has successfully transformed various educational institutions in Malaysia, India, Canada, Australia and Saudi Arabia.

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