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With the Attendance and Leave Management module, enhance efficiency by tracking, managing and optimizing attendance and leave requests
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Stay on track with the attendance and leaves of students

Marking attendance and leaves manually is a time-consuming process. Streamline attendance tracking and leave management processes efficiently and accurately using the Elvis Education ERP. The Mobile App is a significant aspect wherein studies have access to a variety of services all in one smartphone. Here, students can mark attendance with a QR code and request leave applications, among others. Students can provide details such as the reason for leave and duration. This saves time and a large amount of data can be stored and updated daily without any issues.

Simplify attendance and leave management

The faculty member can upload the student’s attendance with the present and absent list. There can be graphical representation of the attendance module for reference. This module helps in avoiding headcounts. Students can apply for leave and the authorized faculty can make the necessary changes by putting the required comments. If the student’s attendance is short, it shows warning messages. The faculty can give grace marks to the students depending upon the student’s performance. Notifications, alerts, and reminders can be sent through the app, Whatsapp, and/or email, keeping students updated and informed in a timely manner.

Take attendance and leave management to the next level

Elvis offers flexibility with daily, weekly and monthly attendance formats and can be differentiated subject or lecturer wise. The system also tracks the total hours of the student making it easier to check if the student has met the requirements. Follows-ups and disciplinary issues can be managed easily with the customizable system.

Attendance and leave management made simple and efficient through Elvis Education ERP. Elvis ERP has success stories from across the globe. Educational institutions in Malaysia, India, Canada, Australia and Saudia Arabia have digitally transformed to greater heights with Elvis Education ERP.

Benefits of Attendance and Leave Management

With the Attendance and Leave Management module, obtain many benefits such as:

- Flexibility to add the attendance using daily, monthly, weekly format
- Managing attendance subject wise or lecturer wise
- Total hours of student
- Attendance record
- Disciplinary issues and follow ups
- Easy to keep track records

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