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Automate and streamline the admission process for your institution. Assures an error free admission procedure for your institution.
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Elvis Admission management system helps the admission process to be smoother by following all the operations in the student admission procedures.

This system allows to enter all the details of the student into erp at the same time of admission. It helps to maintain clear visibility of the student information in future.

Admission Management System

Admission management system is a feature of Elvis ERP which makes admission process smoother. It allows performing all the operations which is required from start to the end of the student admission procedure.

First of all Admission management system allows to enter all details of student into ERP at the time of admission. Details includes Name, Address, parent name, course details etc. As a result it allows to have a clear visibility of student information in future.

Elvis Admission management system includes many admission management modules. Like enroll number assignment, Role number assignment, section assignment etc.Elvis has made admissions management easy for number of institutions in Malaysia,Srilanka, India & UAE.

Offline And Online Student Admission Management

Elvis Admission management system mainly offers two types of admissions online and offline. This will make sure all the students can apply for admissions who were at different geographical locations.

Thus Elvis admission will ensure the Institution won’t miss any interested students. Online application allows student to apply for admission with the help of internet.

Offline admission will be managed by the institution. They can enter the details of students to Elvis admissions. From these pool of students who had applied via online and offline will be selected depends on the criteria which can be decided by institution.

Elvis admissions thus reduce the paper works required during the admission process and thus saves lots of workload. This will also protects all the documents from wear and tear as there is minimal of paper used and thus saving the environment.

University Administration Software

Admission procedure in school or a collage can be managed more effectively with the use of Elvis admission management software.

Elvis admission software will make the admission process more economical and accurate. This makes school and college management system more efficient and smart.

Elvis school admission software helps in storing students previous academic history. It also helps managing student parent details. This will help school or college management to get student details in future and Institutions in Malaysia, Srilanka & UAE have already started using Elvis admission management as part of Elvis campus management solution.

Advantages Of Elvis Admission Management System

  • Makes admission procedure easier and faster
  • Accept or reject student admission by online
  • Online application for students
  • Keeping soft copy of all certificates which is submitted by student at admission time
  • Role number assignment
  • Session assignment
  • Fees structure creation at admission time
  • Keeping personal details of student

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