Manufacturing ERP Case study-MG bus body builders

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MG is a consortium of 12 different branches who are specialized in providing services for India’s transport, automobiles, alternate energy, electronics, healthcare and composite industries in an economic, environment friendly and socially responsible way.

Established in the year 1980, MG group is India’s largest privately-owned bus building enterprise and have two main companies-MG automotive private ltd in Zaheerabad and MG automotive (bus & coach) pvt ltd in Belgaum, Karnataka. They have an installed annual capacity of 16500 buses. The group has been one of the largest manufacturers of buses, both for domestic and export markets.




Our client had to manage a large number of customers and services on an average and this required an increase in speed of operations and improved connectivity between the individual units. This issue could only be solved by fully automating the internal processes.

They asked for a system that can handle the customer enquiries and requirements with more speed and accuracy. The full HR, purchase, sales and inventory divisions should be easier to manage. A service function was needed for after services and situations like accidents. The client also needed customization of their internal processes, so that the white list of access is clearly defined.


  • The purchase section helped to manage purchase of raw materials from suppliers and manage other details like supplier pricelist.
  • Each purchase can be managed by the costing team with cost approval section
  • The discount section enabled the marketing team to request for a discount if the client is not willing to pay the required cost
  • The customer section allows managing enquiries to manage all customer lists.
  • The services section was meant for immediate action in case of situations like accidents
  • The BOM is neatly organized so that the details are clear and concise and can be used for future business deals.
  • The Department head can allocate the role or job for each employee and give different privilege to each employee.
  • The marketing team helps to manage enquiry and requirement of client which will then go to the design section so that the design team can decide if it could be implemented.


  • User Management
  • Employee Management
  • Masters Management
  • Purchase Management
  • Customer Management
  • Design Management
  • Store Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Quality Management
  • Inventory Management


Elvis ERP was customized for the design department so that they can manage the base data of the system with item part numbers, index sheet number and the bill of materials. We also automated the planning and production units which brings more efficiency in allocation of resources and utilization of materials.

Elvis ERP helped to automate all the internal processes and improved the speed of operation. We implemented the complete handling to manage inventory and marketing with better speed and accuracy. The ERP helped the marketing team to handle enquiries and send them to the designing team for approval. The costing team can manage the discount in cost discount approval section.

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