HR management software Case Study- EPICA

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EPICA is a full service 2D/3D animation and visual effects studio with offices in India and UAE. The company, a part of India's leading media enterprises, is focused on high quality 2D/3D animation, Visual effects and stereoscopic 3D content conversion.


2D/3D Animation & visual effects studio


Our client needed a solution for the problem of complicated employee management which included attendance, payroll process etc. They also needed a system that can be interfaced with other installed systems in the company environment.

The client needed to set PF & ESI percentage in advance for different salary limits. They also needed a system for the salary computation of employees. Adding and assigning project to each employee was another concern


  • Managing daily and monthly attendance details helped to get better access to attendance logs of employees on a daily basis
  • Admin can add types of leaves & sent yearly leaves of different employees.
  • The leave section enables HR or admin who can mark leave for employee who is having less than 6 hours of login time
  • In the payroll section, HR can assign employ salary, DA,HRA etc. to each employee and based on this gross salary can be automatically calculated.
  • Monthly salary will be calculated based on employee attendance & leave details. This will help in creating employee monthly salary report


  • Employee management
  • Employee Project Assigning
  • Employee Designation Management
  • Daily & Monthly Attendance Monitoring
  • Employee Leave & Holiday Management
  • Leave Approval
  • User Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Employee PF & ESI Management
  • Employee Income Tax Management


Elvis ERP enabled a system in which the PF and ESI will be automatically calculated at the time of payment time. The admin can add sta department, designations, etc. the admin can add employee & categorise each employee regarding their designation.

This will help in managing relives employee details separately. Our ERP also helped in managing daily and monthly attendance details of employees.

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