Elvis Business ERP

ELVIS Business ERP enables you to get a 360-degree view of your business, anytime, from anywhere by putting all your business functions on to one single platform and automating and integrating them end-to-end. With this unified view of business, you can drive innovation across the value chain, improve efficiency, and reduce costs and time to market

ELVIS ERP covers the entire spectrum of enterprise functions through a suite of products - Manufacturing, Education Management, Financial Management, Supply Chain Management (SCM), Human Capital Management (HCM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), Project Management, Process Control, Analytics, Advanced Planning & Optimization, and Connectors.

Elvis Education ERP

Aries Estrrado has changed everything when it comes to campus solution. We focus on simplicity and usability by avoiding cluttering interface and complex task for a pleasant user experience with Elvis Education ERP Software.

It's no longer necessary for small campuses to buy expensive, unwieldy systems that require costly equipment, and specialized IT support. Nor do small campuses need to use several different software products which don't integrate.

Elvis Education ERP Software from Aries Estrrado is a comprehensive campus management system. Elvis is one powerful, completely integrated ERP for your entire campus.

Our MajorERP Solutions
Business ERP Software
image Dealer Management

Elvis is a Centralized Business ERP for dealers which helps in managing customer, vehicle and inventory information.

image Manufacturing Management

Manufacturing ERP is specially designed for manufacturing companies by integrating all transactions in planning, order management, purchase etc.

image Office Automation

Assist you in automating the work flow of your office, helps in assigning proper tasks for your employees. Ensure Resource Visibility & Project Security.

image Automotive Management

Elvis Automobile Management ERP Software is specially designed to resolve all these challenges in Automobile industry management.

Education ERP Software
image School Management

Elvis provides a complete management solution which includes Manage school system, Control all school activities, monitor staff and student process etc.

image College management

This solution includes the powerful features which provides a platform where it creates a collaborative environment with college students and faculties.

image Kindergarten Management

Elvis Kindergarten management system is designed to meet day to day requirements of kindergartens.

image University management

Elvis is an integrated application that spans across all functional requirements and departments of Universities.

Why ChooseElvis ERP

Elvis ERP software focuses on simplicity and usability by avoiding cluttering interface and complex tasks for a pleasant user experience. Elvis ERP software helps in securely connecting peoples and technology in an affordable price.

GSTReadyGST Ready
Quick-implementationQuick implementation
Easy-to-useEasy to use
Mobile-FriendlyMobile Friendly
Cost-EffectiveCost Effective
Cloud-BasedCloud Based
Elvis ERPModules
Business ERP Modules
  • HR management Allows HR team to work more efficiently and manage employs effortlessly.

  • Customer relationship management One platform to sell, deliver, support and follow-up customers

  • Purchase Management Streamline and Automate Purchase Management Efficiently

  • Inventory management Track your inventory levels, orders, sales and deliveries from one point.

  • Accounts management Manage all your business accounting simply and securely.

Education ERP Modules
  • Admission management Maintain whole admission procedures with paperless and time saving.

  • Learning management System Deliver online courses and education.

  • School fee management A centralized fee collection tool which integrates various fee structures, across the classes.

  • Transportation management School transportation strategy and execution.

  • Student’s performance management Detailed Analytics to Evaluate Student’s Performance Accurately.

GST enabled BusinessSoftware for India

GST (Goods and Services Tax) rolls out on July 1, 2017 in India; much business is struggling with managing their accounts and finance modules because of this scenario. So Elvis Business ERP is integrated with this new norm for helping our clients to get rid of GST issues.

Employee   Student Records

Elvis ERP document management module designed to allow for reliable management of documents containing worker-specific information.

Fund Accounting

Elvis ERP fund accounting module allows for the reservation of cash and assets for use for specific purposes and programs.

Inventory Control

Elvis Inventory control feature provides location, stock count, pricing, and item information on products, parts, and materials. Inventory control


In this Business ERP invoicing software is used to create customer billing documents related to the sale of goods and services.

Document Management

Elvis ERP business software modules provide application-specific document management capabilities.

Warehouse management

Elvis Warehouse management modules provide a suite of features for coordinating warehouse operations.

Our Amazing Clients
image Rev.Fr.Sheen Thankalayam Bursar, St.Joseph School "We needed technology to support the growth of our school and associated activities. After careful exploration, Aries Estrrado came up with Elvis, the kind of flexible, Web-based system we were looking for."
image Eldos Administrator,St. Gregorios Dental College "Our Faculty and Students love Elvis and it continues to be more useful as Aries Estrrado enhances it. Elvis is a solid solution for our administration and learning needs"

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