ERP for Retail Industry

Easy Management of billing, payments & Inventory for retail industry

ERP for Retail Industry

Elvis retail ERP is considered as the best ERP solution for all types of retail business. This ERP becomes a best option for retailers who are eager to strengthen their capabilities. The need of powerful Retail ERP software is increasing for all store owners around the globe.

Elvis ERP for retail includes components to ensure that every retail business area within the organization in Sync This retail ERP helps staffs to make better decisions faster. This will improve overall productivity and help to increase customer satisfaction.

Elvis retail ERP software will help a retailer to increase operational efficiency and modernize inventory. This will also help to reduce issues in the business as the total retail process is highly automated and simple to follow.

Major Advantages of Elvis ERP for retail Industry


Stock management

This will help retailer to manage their stock. With Elvis ERP retailer can calculate stock details very easily which will reduce the stock calculation errors. Dead stock, excess stock etc.

Data management

Elvis ERP for retail Industry will help in managing important data like employee data, finance data customer data, dealer data etc.

Order management

This ERP will help retailer to manage every orders.

Monitor the sales

Elvis ERP for retail Industry will monitor sales flow from order to delivery. This will increase the customer satisfaction.

Pricing and discounts management

With this business software retailer can easily manage pricing and discount of each products.

Purchase and supply management

This will help in comparing different quotations and different orders. After comparison the system will help you to decide which the good quotation is and which will be the best order.

Vendor management

Elvis helps in managing vendor details, lead time, performance and other vendor activities. With this retailer can evaluate performance of each vendor.

Customer management

Elvis retail ERP helps in tracking and increasing customer lifetime value. This will also help in getting new customers, identify your best customers, keep them engaged and build your brand.

Elvis ERP for retail Industry provide retailer an information sharing capability which allows the various departments of your retail Industry.

Interaction with different modules in the industry such as the Order Entry, Accounts Payable, Purchasing, Sales, Finances, Inventory Management, Distribution planning and Human Resources etc. will increase productivity and quality of your service.

We guarantee that Elvis retail ERP will help you to achieve better profit. This will ensure retailer to get more organized store processes, improved overall productivity. Elvis ERP for retail Industry will also help you in increasing your customer satisfaction and more business.

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