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Elvis ERP Partner Program

Software Partner Program for software vendors and consultants who are interested in distributing Elvis Business and Education ERP

Elvis ERP software provides two type of services Business management ERP and Education ERP.

Scope of Elvis Business ERP Partners

Elvis Business ERP is flexible to provide a better solution for small scale as well us large scale industries like Automobile manufacturing, automobile service centres, shops and any type of other industries.

As we all know there are million large and small scale businesses all around the world. Many of these industries need an excellent Business ERP solution like Elvis ERP.

This vast requirement of business ERP increases the opportunity for Elvis Partners for Business ERP.


Scope of Elvis Education ERP Partners

Elvis offers ERP for all type of educational institutes like schools, colleges, kindergarten and other training centres etc. This will cover all requirements of educational industry like library management transport management campus management and more.

As we know there is average of one educational centre in every one kilometre square. Many of these education centres can make use of Elvis ERP.

This represents an excellent opportunity for Elvis Education ERP partners who joins our software partner program.

Elvis ERP Software Partner Program – Huge benefit with low risk

Elvis committed to provides all supports to partners who wish to market Elvis ERP in your circle. We can customise our ERP as per the requirement of partner or client. We have a technical support team who offers all technical support for client after the implementation of our system.

All Elvis ERP partners can easily tap into great potentials without taking any risk at all. This partnership program can ensure hype of your business reputation in IT business field.


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