Inventory management software

Keep track of every unit with Elvis ERP a powerful stock management, and inventory control software.

Inventory management software

Elvis Inventory management software will give all the essential information on the health of the supply chain management like stocks, sales and assets with just a click.

Using Elvis Inventory management software we can easily track the stock details of items which are fast moving and which are becoming dead stock.

We can manage our sales and stock according to the market demand for products. This will really help to maintain stocks of products which are needed and can remove the products which are not required in the store.

Elvis inventory management software will help to maintain all the records necessary for a profitable business. This software can classify between assets and general stocks. It can create a purchase order and sales order with out much effort.

You can manage all your ware house activity from one place. Management can keep track of the stock very easily. You can generate report on your stock, sales and purchase at any time.

This will help to keep tabs on your stock right from order to delivery. Using this software it is very easy to create purchase order, sales order, invoice etc.


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