HR management Software

Manage your employees effortlessly from recruitment till retirement.

HR management Software

A vital aspect of an industry management is managing the human resource department. To increase the productivity and company profit all industries need to support organisational growth and employee engagement with a simple yet powerful centralized system. Here comes the importance of Elvis HR management Software.

Elvis HR management ERP Software covers all the functions required in a humane resource department of an industry. It is flexible enough to optimize all HR department procedures by configuring to suit company requirement.

Elvis HR management ERP is a powerful business management tool that provides a way to manage all activities in an HR department of a company. This allows companies to centralize all employee information and define access permissions to authorized persons.


Elvis HR management ERP Benefits

HR management module of Elvis ERP includes all features which are coming under human resource management system in an industry. It includes recruiting new employees, managing employee attendance, employee payroll etc.

With the payroll management module HR department can easily maintain the salary of an employ. This will calculate all salary criteria like overtime loss of pay bonus etc.

With attendance management system of human resource department can manage attendance of an employ very efficiently. Elvis HR management ERP will also calculate the performance of an employ. This will help HR department in deciding salary hike and other complimentary bonuses for an employ.

Elvis HR management Software can be used for different types of industries like manufacturing, dealer management, small business educational departments and more. This can be customize as per the requirement of client

By having Elvis HR management ERP Software a Human resource manager can have a good overview of all the happening in the organization.

Elvis HR Management Software Advantages

  • Mobile Friendly
  • Combustible according to industry
  • Affordable rate
  • Creates reports automaticaly
  • User friendly dashboard
  • Centralized management
  • Secure
  • Can be accessible from multiple centers
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Multiple centers management
  • Easy & Secure document sharing

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