Learning management software

Assures improvement in your training program with Elvis Learning management software

Learning management software (LMS)

Learning management software will keeping students informed, involved, and collaborating together. Through our course management systems, services, and expertise, our LMS work to build a better education experience.

Through this learning management system students can share books online, share their idea through discussion platforms, learn using the course materials.

This LMS will allows a teacher or other faculty to analyse student learning, performance status and more. Also a teacher can schedule exams of home works to a student through Elvis Learning management software

Faculty can upload new syllabus, reference links for new chapters, new exam questions with Elvis LMS. He can also get various reports like student performance, speed of learning etc. directly from this course management system.


Course management System

Institution can make a course calendar in Elvis course management system. With this a student can understand the course details very easily and can select the interested course. Also student can send request for registration of courses which they are interested.

Institution or a faculty can send notifications or reminders to a student on upcoming classes. Faculty can also upload assignments to student in Elvis LMS.

In Elvis course management system a student can upload there academic videos or blogs. This blogs or videos can be published in Elvis LMS after approval of a faculty. A student can also suggest some useful reference links which can be helpful for other students in there studies.

Features of Elvis Interact

Learning schedule LMS

Elvis Schedule Learn is a platform in which students can organise how they can complete and prepare for their exams and course. This tools works as an excellent tool for students to plan their days ahead and move in a very ordered and through the right path.

The Elvis Schedule Learn will thus change the whole culture of student in his learning style. This will make learning system of a student more smooth.

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