Student performance analysis software

Centralised ERP Software which manage all student data, including any type of assessment & outcome, individual learning plans etc.

Student performance analysis software

Elvis Student performance analysis software offers a comprehensive analytical package which makes more informed, timely decisions to help significantly improve performance.

With this module you’ll have easy, self-service access to data that can help you make significant improvements—from developing more effective recruiting strategies and creating proactive retention plans to monitoring and influencing performance.


Features of Elvis Interact

Student performance analytics

Elvis Student performance analysis software is a very exciting and helpful tool for faculty & management. This will ensure that they can easily generate the students graph regarding their performance which will give a clear idea about where they are standing now.

Elvis Student performance analysis software will changes the working style. With more detailed graphical outputs this will ensure that they are getting the same output even more accurately and easily.

The Elvis Performance analytics also provide features for managing the Finance flow. This will give you the report which includes all details like debit, Credit etc. and the cash flow.

This report ensures that no money transactions will be missed. In whole the Elvis Student performance analysis software will help to upgrade the work culture of the management team in total.

In a school or a college when they conduct a placement drive or if management wants to prepare a study about the student the performance analytics will be helpful for deriving all the data and reports about that student. We can easily generate a graph of marks he scored throughout the course with a click away.

Elvis student performance analysis software will help to know how he improved or how he performed all the time and also provides where his strength lies and his weakness is. This will be very favorable while analyzing a student. The Elvis performance analytics make sure we are not short of any data and report at any given time.

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