Education Management Software Modules

Education Management Software Modules

Elvis Education Management ERP Software - Covers every aspects of an educational industry.

Elvis Education Platforms

Platforms of Elvis ERP cover every aspect of education. We provide customized and comprehensive systems to help you and your students succeed.

Combination of these platforms is used in various Education industries such as Colleges, Schools, Universities, Training centers etc.

  • Education Management Software- Access

    Access control software

    Elvis Access control system software that regulates who or what can use resources within your educational organization.

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  • Admission management system

    Admission management system for education industry automate and streamline the admission process for your institution. Assures an error free admission procedure for your institution.

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    Education Management Software - Admission
  • Eduaction ERP Software - Hostal

    Hostel management software

    Hostel management software Monitors and records a variety of information to manage a hostel, covering Room allocation, Attendance, Disciplinary Logs, Room charge etc.

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  • Interactive software

    Elvis Interactive software for education a course-based Interactive Software module that is perfect for all learning levels, and skills.

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    Education Management ERP Software - Interact
  • Eduaction Software - Library

    Library management software

    Library management software - A Complete software solution which fulfils al Library Needs like issuance of books, labelling etc.

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  • Mobile Learning Management

    Access your LMS subjects anytime, anywhere with Elvis Mobile learning management system.

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    Eduaction erp Software - Mobile Learning
  • Education Management Software - Online classes

    Elvis virtual classroom software

    Elvis virtual classroom software is a platform that allows faculty to create online classes whereby they can store the course materials, manage assignments, and exams online and provide students with feedback all in one place.

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  • School calendar software

    Elvis School calendar software - Your Organization's Master Calendar software to schedule exams, classes, assignment and events all in one place.

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    Eduaction ERP Software - Callender
  • Eduaction ERP Software - School Fee

    School fee management

    Make your fee collection process easy with Elvis School fee management software module.You can create customized fee collection structure, categorize payments and get collection reports.

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  • Student performance analysis

    Centralised ERP Software which manage all student data, including any type of assessment & outcome, individual learning plans etc.

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    Eduaction ERP Software - Student Fee
  • Eduaction ERP Software - Time

    Time and resource management

    Elvis Time and resource management software is an inclusive system, solely defined to monitor the time and resource utilization by an organization.

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  • School transport management

    Elvis School transport management software helps you in monitoring and managing your Students, Drivers and Transport schedules with precision.

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    Eduaction ERP Software - Transport
  • Eduaction ERP Software - LMS

    Learning management software

    Assures improvement in your training program with Elvis Learning management software

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