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Evils Education ERP

Improving every aspect of education experience.

Elvis Education ERP a simple, powerful & affordable campus Management software.

School over Phone

The smart phone friendly design lets administrators, teachers & student to view or edit the institution data anytime over the phone.

Automate your Office Operations

Automate all office procedures in campus to eliminate manual processes and save significant staff time.

Cloud based software

Cloud based campus management software that automates the routine tasks for a teacher and enables communication between teacher and Students/parents.

Communicate with parents

Automates the routine tasks for a teacher and enables communication between teacher and Students/parents.

Education ERP Software

Education ERPSoftware

Aries Estrrado has changed everything when it comes to campus solution. We focus on simplicity and usability by avoiding cluttering interface and complex task for user experience with Elvis Education ERP Software. It's no longer necessary for small campuses to buy expensive, unwieldy systems that require costly equipment, and specialized IT support. Nor do small campuses need to use several different software products which don't integrate. Elvis Education ERP Software from Aries Estrrado is a comprehensive campus management system. Elvis is one powerful, completely integrated ERP for your entire campus.

Affordable Caumpus management ERP Software

Without question, Elvis is the most affordable campus management system on the market today. We don't charge you for modules, and we don't charge extra for certain features. You get our ENTIRE system at a very reasonable price tag.

Completely Web-based Education ERP

It means you have secure access to all of your data from any computer, anywhere. You also get an additional option if needed, where we host the application, and hence you don't need to maintain a server, and you don't need to worry about IT problems or data backup. Elvis Education ERP Software take care of everything.

Elvis Caumpus management offersAmazing Security

With the help of Elvis Education ERP Software all of your data is completely safe, secure, firewalled, password-protected and more.

Features ofElvis ERP
Student performance analysis software
  • Education performance analysis
  • Student Attendance reports
  • Extracurricular activities reports
  • Exam-wise reports
  • Subject-wise reports
  • Placement analysis software
Learning Management Software (LMS)
  • Course and Catalog Management
  • Content Integration and Interoperability
  • Exam schedule LMS
  • LMS Whiteboard
  • Learning schedule
  • Virtual classroom software
  • Online school software
Mobile Friendly Caumpus management
  • Campus automation in Mobile
  • Student performance analysis in Mobile
  • Student attendance management in mobile
  • Hostel & Transport management in Mobile
  • Parent teacher communication in Mobile
  • IOS & Android friendly
Campus Automation System
  • Fee management system
  • Admission management
  • Managing campus 24/7
  • Accounts Management
  • Inventory management software
Elvis EducationERP Modules
  • Student’s performance management Detailed Analytics to Evaluate Student’s Performance Accurately.

  • Hostel management Manage all the necessary details of the campus hostel.

  • Transportation management School transportation strategy and execution.

Education ERP Software
  • Admission management Maintain whole admission procedures with paperless and time saving.

  • Learning management System Deliver online courses and education.

  • School fee management A centralized fee collection tool which integrates various fee structures, across the classes.

Major EducationERP Solutions

Campus Management ERP Software School Management Erp

Elvis School Management System is a secure & reliable complete management system that adapts to the workflows and processes of a school.

Campus Management ERP College Campus Management Software

Elvis College management system ERP is a complete management system that adapts to the workflows and processes of a college.

Campus Management ERP University management system

Elvis University management system can be accompanied with universities as the scope of Elvis is vast and can accommodate a group of colleges.

Campus Management Software Group of institutions management software

You can view and analyze the work flow and statistics of all the institutions or branches of institutions which using Elvis institutions management software.

Campus Management ERP Software Kindergarten management system

Elvis kindergarten management system will provide a safety solution to parents where they can make sure that their children are safe and can monitor their activities in kindergarten.

Educational Software for Students
Educational Software for Students
Educational ERP Software
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Educational ERP Software
Campus ERP Software
Educational industry mangement ERP
Campus management ERP Software
Educational industry mangement Software
Campus ERP Software
Educational industry mangement ERP

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