Automobile Industry Management ERP

Elvis Automobile Management Software - A Must have ERP for all automobile industry

Automobile Industry Management Software

Automobile manufacturing industry is one of the fast growing industries in the world. However it is becoming more challenging to manage different areas of automobile industry like procurement, assembly, painting, testing, delivery, etc. So it needs an effective ERP solution to manage all functions in automobile industry. Elvis Automobile Management ERP Software is specially designed to resolve all these challenges in Automobile industry management.

Elvis Automobile ERP is a leading automobile industry management system which can cover all challenges in different departments of automobile industry. The advanced security features used in Elvis can make sure that your highly confidential data will be safe with this ERP. It is a cloud based ERP which will increase user flexibility.

Elvis ERP will help an automobile industry in maximizing their efficiency and productivity. It will also help in keeping your automobile business on pace with the global automotive market. With the implementation of Elvis Automobile Management ERP you can overcome major difficulties of your industries like employee efficiency management, marketing, inventory, sales and inventory management.

Major Modules covered in Elvis Automobile ERP


Employee Management

With this module an Automobile industry management can manage their employee work efficiency very accurately. This module will helps in storing each employee data, work time and personal details etc. Elvis Also helps in managing employee leave and attendance details. Managing employs efficiently can boost the profit of company.

Marketing Management

This module of Elvis Automobile ERP can help a marketing team of automobile industry to make their work easier. A marketing executive can list new enquiries and can monitor the old enquiry list very easily with this module. A higher authority can also monitor all marketing procedures. This will make sure that no enquiries will miss without proper follow-ups.

Order Management

Elvis Automobile ERP provides an effective platform to manage each order in an automobile industry. This will cover all challenging aspects in an order processing cycle like order listing, order payment, order commission, order transferring order pending etc.

Inventory Management

Inventory management is a most challenging part faced by an Automobile industry. Elvis Automobile ERP offers a powerful solution in managing inventory in Automobile industry. This will cover major inventory management challenges like registration, store monitoring, stock validation, Inventory approval or request etc.

Finance management

Finance management module in Elvis Automobile ERP covers the finance management requirements like – bank registration, Income and expense worksheets, Finance approval list etc. With this you can monitor all financial activities in your industry.

Other than these modules Elvis Automobile ERP also covers the major requirements in Automobile industries like vehicle service, Customer management, dealer management, delivery management and user management etc.

Elvis ERP has a flexibility to customise as per the requirement of each Automobile business. We can add more modules which is required for different industries. Elvis also offers 24/7 technical support to make customers more satisfied.

Benefits of Elvis Automobile ERP

  • Accelerate production in industry
  • Delight your customers with accuracy
  • Manage suppliers and dealers
  • Easy management of Inventory
  • Track each process from order to delivery
  • Easy finance management

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